Cargo Manager Systems

Import CFS Manager

Released to the trade in 1993, the Import CFS Manager was developed specifically to address all of the activities for the warehouse that is handling inbound containers and IT freight. Enhanced in 2002 with real-time web availability to provide cargo status details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Automated Billing
Charges are calculated automatically at time of release or displayed on the WEB based on the stored rates. Rates can be common or specific to a customer.
Availability is a very important feature in this application. When the customer calls simply hit a few keys and you can quickly give the status of the shipment as well as any charges due.
Outturn Report
Fax or email the Outturn Report to your customers. Shows manifest details and actual outturn confirming availability for pick up as well as exceptions.
EDI Interface
Inbound manifest and freight release are accepted using our EDI interface via e-mail or by FTP. Similarly we can generate an EDI file of outgoing IT manifest and deliver it to an e-mail address.
In-bond Management
We provide facilities to prepare In-bonds and to manage outbound In-bond freight based on the destination CFS and projected freight arrival dates. Customers can take advantage of our Electronic In-Bond facility to request In-bond move authorization from US Customs.
Web Availability
Your customers can display status of their shipments 7 days a week 24 hours a day. This includes charges due to warehouse as well as any document requirements shuch as freight release, customs release and clearing of holds. For IT cargo we display destination CFS, place number to call for availability and ETA destination. After the pickup or delivery has been completed one can display or print proof of delivery. Try our CFS Availability demo.
Interface with Financial System
The CFS Manager has a direct interface with CMS's Financial System. AR data can also be exported to interface with other AR programs.
Validate Customer and Customs Release
Shipment cannot be released until appropriate fields are checked to assure proper authorization for release, such as freight release, customs release (DAD) and holds.
Fax/E-mail Interface
No need to print hard copy - fax or e-mail documents to your customers directly from the CFS Manager.
From file setup to cargo release, the Import CFS Manager produces all of the necessary documents and reports for this segment of the business:
  • Permit to Transfer (PTT)
  • Delivery Order
  • Container Manifest
  • Stripping Report
  • Cargo Labels, Character or Bar-Coded
  • Container Out turn Report
  • I.T.s
  • Warehouse Inventory Report
  • Performance Reports
  • Sales Commission Report
  • Warehouse Activity Log
  • Customer Statistics